Auto pointing
Auto acquiring

Auto acquiring

The old Auto Acquiring systems which was the first one approved by Eutelsat is obsolete. We are working at a new model which will be on the market late July 2013. The new release will be lighter, and have enhanced features like auto pointing for Ka Band applications and an elevation angle of 115 degrees

This full automated FLAT ARRAY antenna has a modern design and is equivalent to that of a 65cm dish reflector.

The antenna is very small and compact and it is easy transportable in a small suitcase. The system has built in GPS and it is able to detect your location and then auto skew the LNB to give you the best possible gain for your position.

A pre-set remote control allows you to see all the satellite parameters to ensure optimum performance.

The total weight of 7 Kg makes this device an easy transportable and fast deployable system that can be very useful in the most Ku Band satellite coverage areas you go for enjoying your vacation.

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