RF Analyser and Beacon receiver

To Track a Inclined Orbit, MEO or LEO Satellite you need a controller with tracking capability and a relay unit to forward the Satellite signal of a carrier or a beacon over the LNB to your controller. For this purpose we have developed an Integrated Spectrum analyser which not only displays the full signal coming from the LNB but also sends the peak signal value digitally to our Antenna Control Unit to optimize pointing.
This new Spectrum Analyser can not only be used to display and track wideband
Carriers but also low power narrowband Satellite Beacon Signals which are unique for each satellite.
The APEXSAT Integrated Spectrum Analyser / Beacon Receiver(Apex_SB) comes with a Touchscreen for a visual identification of Frequency Spectrum and immediate access to Centre Frequency, Span and other values. It has also an build-in Webinterface for a remote supervision and control operations.
The Apex_SB itself is integrated in our APS500 Antenna control unit making a compact Tracking controller with all the featured needed to track.

Main features:

Frequency Range: 1 Hz to 4,4 Ghz
Internal Frequency Reference: +/- 1ppm
Resolution Bandwidth Acuracy: 0,1Hz to 250.000 Hz and 5Mhz
Amplitude: -139 dbm to 0 dbm
Frequency Selection: min. 100 Hz Steps
Tracking linearity: Digital Value Transmission
Input LNB Connector 50 BNC female
Output Controller Connection: Digital - RS232
Mechanical: Built in 5RU Case with APEXSAT APS 500 Controller19“
Electrical: USB powered (2,5W)
LNB Power: max 500mA over a power injector

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