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Compact range motorisations

The compact range motorisations will have 3 or 4 axis of motion and are mostly used for applications where the available space in the location of choice is very limited. Especially in situations when in the rear of the antenna is no space available for a turning jack screw mechanism or an actuator.

Significant advantages:

At sites where customer have a high degree of pollution or sand storms as for all axes we use sealed turn tables.
Even for changing the polarization we turn the whole reflector to get to the desired polarization angle. While turning the whole reflector when polarization is required results in a perfect symmetric antenna pattern in all at all polarization angles, at systems where only the feed will rotate it is known that the patterns will show significant differences at X and Y plane.
The installation for axisymmetric antennas is very easy because the petals and the metallic structure can be installed from the ground level without scaffolding and/or crane.

Main features:

Azimuth motion 360°
Elevation motion 200°
Polarization 360° - the whole reflector is turned.
Pointing accuracy 0,05°

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