Gyro platforms

A NEW Affordable, Simple, Reliable, 6 AXIS Stabilised system does combine the aviation technique keeping yaw , pitch and roll axes stable with classical satellite tracking technique on azimuth, elevation and polarization.

This new family of products have been designed for satellite antennas operations on Oil Rigs Industries and Floating Production Storage Offloading (FPSO) platforms as well as for Pontoon, River Houses, Costal houses or as Maritime VSAT Antenna used for antennas from 60 cm up to 2,4m aperture in all frequency bands.

The Gyro Platforms DO NOT need radome and can operate in harsh and unfriendly environments. The mechanism is light weight (150 Kg for a 1,2m antenna) and is controlled by two independently working controllers based on CANopen technology.

Main features:

Azimuth motion 360° endless
Elevation motion 200°
Polarization 360° Stabilization travel of pitch, roll +/- 30°
Yaw, Pitch , Roll speed movement 25 degrees per second Inclination compensation up to 45 degrees
Angle stabilisation tolerance 0,1 degree for max 45 degrees compensation angle
Angle stabilisation tolerance 0,01 degree for max 15 degrees compensation angle
Four stabilisation motors operating on 24V DC power
Ku, X, C-Band frequencies on all polarizations
Easy installation. No crane or specialised personnel needed

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