Gyro platforms

We make 3 types of gyro platforms

GYRO2 is a 2 axes stabilised platform. This device is meant to keep a platform horizontal in the X (roll), Y  (pitch) planes.

GYRO3 is a 3 axes motorized system  – with Z axis gyro stabilisation – this version keeps a satellite system quite stable on all 3 axes , Roll, Pitch and Yaw but still needs correction devices for keeping up to a satellite for transmit (Tx) applications. Will work well for Rx only systems.

GYRO 5 or 6 axes – has on top of the 3 axes gyro a azimuth elevation tracking motorised system. The 6th motor is for the polarization. This machinery is good for oil rigs and FPSO (Floating Production Storage Offloading)

GYRO 6++ , is a 5 or 6 axes systems with Compass and GPS . This system will be used for SOTM purposes.

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