Single feed motorisations
Polarization switch


One of the newest and unique feed systems we provide is a rotating multi feed mechanism (Revolver) that can be installed on the most popular offset reflectors available in the industry.
This product is ideal for operators that want to use the same reflector for multiple frequency bands. Basically you can have the same reflector up to 4 feeds systems (Tx/RX).
This complex system does place the feed of your choice on the focus of the offset antenna. In addition to this feature each individual feed has his own polarization motor so you can interchange automatically the feeds and also set the desired polarization.
The Revolving Feed Positioner (RFP) is based on a highly precise backlash free motor that gets the commands from our APX 500 web access controller.   The individual feed polarization motors are also a light, compact and specifically for this application designed mechanisms.
The bottom line is that as long the reflector is designed to support the highest frequency of your choice you can select automatically the frequency band  and choose between Ka, K, KU, X or C Band. It will be even cheaper to use this mechanism with two 2 port feeds instead of a four port feed in case you application allows this.

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