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The Apexsat APS 500 and APS 500+ can be configured as a multi-functional device with Web access , monitor, spectrum analyser and tracking. This advanced Single Cable Antenna Positioning system is unique Antenna Motorization Controller incorporating a Touchscreen based Antenna Control Unit (ACU) connected to the Motor Control Unit (MCU) by a Single Cable (SC ). The one single cable connection is only possible due to the CANopen Protocol which allows up to 9 axis or more to be controlled on a single cable connection. A smart Motor Control Unit (MCU) will ensure soft start and stop movement of the antenna and a high speed during the main travel time.
The basic ACU can save up to 99 satellite positions, it can display each position as an angle or a number of counts based on a preset point of origin. The Antenna positioning system can work with conventional resolvers e.g. hall sensors on the motor or on Axis or digital encoders on each motorized axis.

Controller Futures:

Accessibility: Integrated touch panel
  Web access
  CANopen Interface for motors
  Maximum distance covered by cable 6,7 Km
  Microprocessor 7" Wide screen display 800x480 pixel,
  262k colours durable LED background lighting
Positioning maximum 5 rotational axes
  polarization switches 2
  operating accuracy 0,0001° degrees
  simultaneous movement of all axes.
  Stores up to 99 satellite positions on all axis
Power Operates 24V DC , 220V AC or 380V AC motors
Tracking Time tracking
  Signal tracking
  Program or History tracking
Mechanical Weight: 2,5 Kg ; Dimensions 4H
ODU Operational +70 deg
  - 55 deg
IDU Operational +70 deg
  - 55 deg
Other features: Web-Visualization
  Remote maintenance via Internet
  Position reminder at power loss.

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