To meet the increasing demand for mobile communication services we have developed a drive-away auto-acquiring system for medium and large size VSATs(1,2m - 3,8m size). This system can be mounted on top of a car or installed on a trailer depending on the personal requirements. The motorized back structure is hot dip galvanized to withstand even the harshest environments. It connects to any brand of VSAT antennas operating in all frequencies and polarizations. The complete unit is turned by two backlash free drives in azimuth and elevation allowing the unit to move 360 degrees in azimuth and 180° elevation. Due to the nature of the utilised drives and motors the pointing accuracy is better than 0,01° making this motorization suitable for all frequency bands. One of the few systems in the world that does use TURN TABLES instead of the mostly used CABLE drives. This feature does give to the whole construction a very good reliability and robustness and extended elevation angles (up to 180°). The construction is done in way that the reflector can be removed easy so that even less wide platforms can be used for transportation (very useful when very large reflectors are used.)


Main features:

Auto-Acquiring system for medium and large VSAT Terminals (1,2 - 3,8m diameter) of all frequency bands(C, X, Ku, Ka Band)
Car, Trailer or Fixed Mounting
Hot dip galvanized structure for harsh environments
Ultra wide movement range: 360° Azimuth, 180° Elevation and 360° Polarization
Ultraprecise motorization, Zero backlash
Pointing accuracy better than 0,01°
Universal Controller Interface
One button searchMotorised Feed (polarization) for all frequency ranges
LH/RH switch at circular polarization
Integrated GPS
Integrated flux gate compassTracking option for inclined orbit satellitesREMOVABLE Reflector

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